10 Playful Camping Games for Adults Lost in Nature

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When we become adults, we often lose the sense of fun we had when we were children. What better way to rekindle this spark than to have a camp out with your friends and try some camping games for adults?

Adults need a break now more than ever, especially in today’s fast-paced world. Thankfully, more Millennials are turning to camping as a way to spend their free time.

But a trip to the great outdoors would not be complete without a fun set of games. Whether you play games with your family, colleagues, or closest friends, you’ll recharge your batteries and have fun in the process.

If you’re worried about having a boring day while at the campsite, fret no more. Camping games for adults will fill your day with joy (and a little healthy competition)!

Why Camping Games Are a Must for Your Next Getaway

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Camping games give campers a source of entertainment. Although these games are considered a type of competition, the main objective of most camping games for adults is to have fun.

There are many compelling reasons to get involved in camping games for adults during your next outdoor excursion. Here are just a few:

Staying active

Being outdoors can inspire people to stay active. There are many physically demanding camping games for adults that don’t feel like work or effort.

By participating in these games, you and your friends can burn calories without even noticing it. Because these games are so fun, you might even get addicted to them and enjoy them every weekend!

Great bonding activity

When on a camping trip, one of your main objectives should be to spend quality time with the people close to you. So leave your phones and laptops at home!

By playing the best camping games for adults, you can bond with others by playing sports or card games without modern distractions.

It won’t cost you anything

One of the best parts about camping games for adults is that they are an affordable way to enjoy time with loved ones. You might be going camping because you don’t have the budget to accommodate grand trips.

But with any of the best camping games for adults, you don’t have to pay entrance fees or purchase tickets.

There are tons of camping games that don't even require materials. You just need a little sense of competitiveness and humor!

Forget your worries

You might go camping to get away from your hectic life in the city. When you go camping, you can’t exactly spend the entire day hiking, especially at night. To distract you from your worries and fill the gaps in your day, play some games, and enjoy your downtime.

When you fill your mind with games, all your worries disappear. You don’t have to worry about the term paper you need to finish, your presentation due next week, or your laundry. You’re in the moment, and you’re inspired to block the stress caused by the outside world.

Detox from the digital world

Although technology is a wonderful thing, it can be pretty hard to escape. When you're camping and feel the need to check your phone, simply ask your friends to play some camping games for adults, instead.

This way, you won’t be tempted to check your devices or email. By disconnecting from social media, you can reconnect yourself to the real world.

10 Camping Games for Adults You Need to Try

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So, you're finished with all the best campfire songs. Now, you’re ready to break out some of the most enjoyable camping games for adults!

You have many choices available, depending on your preferences. While these games are numbered, our list is in no particular order.

1. Song Game

When you’re alone in the woods with your friends, you may need to make noise at night to warm animals away from your campsite. The best way to do this is to play a "song game."

Perfect for people who love music, the Song Game will make your camping trip seem like a scene from "Pitch Perfect."

First, arrange yourselves in a circle around a bonfire. Then, determine a category. Every person has to sing something that mentions the category in the lyrics.

For example, if you choose "love," one camper can sing "Crazy in Love" by Destiny’s Child, followed by another singing "Love Stinks" by J. Geils Band.

If you’re not a great singer, it’s OK. You don’t have to sing the full song; you only need to sing a small part.

If a player cannot sing an appropriate song in five seconds, he or she is eliminated from the game!

2. Make Me Laugh

An ideal game for serious people, Make Me Laugh’is a game you need to check out. This game involves lots of staring, so you might need to start a bonfire to make it easier to play at night.

First, split everyone into two equal groups. Then, sit 2 feet away from each other and stare at each other’s eyes until one of you laughs. You can make faces and body actions. But tickling is not allowed!

The first one to crack a smile or laugh loses.

3. Scavenger hunt

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A scavenger hunt is one of the best games to play on a camping trip with friends. But first, you have to assign a game organizer who can’t participate in the game.

The game organizer will list things you need to find around the camping site. These items can range from common items such as a red flower, or wacky items that have been hidden, such as a Hello Kitty spoon.

Divide your friends into a couple of teams. Next, give each team an initial clue to help find the item they need to find. When the teams figure out the first clue, they will find another clue waiting for them at the location designated by the initial clue.

Each subsequent clue brings them to another clue until they reach the final station.

You can also make each team complete challenges at every station to make it harder for them to reach the goal. For example, before they can get their next clue, they could first have to do 50 push-ups.

If you want to make this game more challenging, you can also give them one letter per station and at the end of the game, the first one to form the word wins.

Although this game may need additional objects and planning time, it will be so worth it. If you’re playing this game at night, a quality flashlight will make finding things easier.

4. Killer, Killer

For this game, you only need a pen and some paper. First, you write “killer” on a piece of paper. Then, mix this paper with other empty pieces of paper before you distribute the pieces of paper to your friends.

The person who gets the piece of paper with the word “killer” on it can “kill” people by winking at them. Doing so eliminates the player from the game.

The goal of the players will be to identify the killer. This game will not only be fun, but it will also test your observation skills!

If you don’t have paper or a pen, you can just let the participants close their eyes and tap the chosen killer on the shoulder.

5. Dance Off

Whether or not you're a dancer, this game is worth trying. To play Dance Off, all you need are some fun beats and a battery-powered speaker.

There are many ways to play this game. You can choose a two-by-two round in which the one with the best or wackiest dance move wins. There is also a “freeze” variation in which dancers stop when the music stops.

Without question, your camping game will feel like a dance party out in the woods. So make sure to practice your dance moves before hitting the road!

6. Camping Bingo

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For this game, you need a bingo set card for each player. The card may contain drawings or words. Each player needs a pen or a coin to cover up items called on their card.

The host will pick from a bowl that contains items from the set card. Players then listen to see if the item matches the contents of their card.

The first player to mark off an entire row, diagonal section, or column wins the game.

If you cannot print out camping cards, you can play this game with regular bingo cards. How long this game lasts depends on how many players participate and the pace of the organizer. In general, it’s safe to allocate 20 to 30 minutes for this game.

7. Charades

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A classic game that almost everyone knows, charades in the woods is something you shouldn’t miss. Plus, this game is very easy to play.

The host will assign a book title, a movie title, a word, or a celebrity to a player. To make this step easier for the players, they can use common clues to act out the assigned word.

For example, if you are acting out a movie, pretend to eat popcorn or crank a camera. To say numbers, you can hold up fingers.

The first person to guess the right word gets the point. You can also divide your camping group into teams, and each player takes a turn to act out a word for their teammates.

8. Obstacle course

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One of the most exciting camping games for adults, an obstacle course involves players getting through various challenges.

Some of the most common obstacles you can try are crawling over picnic tables, doing a two-minute plank, hopping around the campsite on one foot, or jumping over cups.

Because this game burns energy, it can even be your exercise for the day. You’ll definitely break a sweat by the end of the game.

9. Two Truths and a Lie

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This game is usually played as an icebreaker in classrooms or offices. However, it's also the ideal game to try if you want to know more about your friends!

To start, a person has to say three statements, which include two truthful statements and a single lie. Then, other players try to guess which is the false statement. In the end, the person reveals the statement that is a lie.

There is also a variation of this game called “Two Truths and a Wish,” where instead of telling one lie, a person says something they wish was true. For example, a person might say, “I used to be a pro athlete.”

This unique spin will lead to fascinating discussions between your friends.

10. Elimination

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To play this game, the organizer selects a category. This category can be anything — songs, bands, movies, fashion brands, or models. Be creative. Then, each player writes as many items as they can on a piece of paper for one minute.

For example, if the category is states in the U.S., a player’s list might include Washington, New York, Texas, and Hawaii. When the time is up, one camper reads his or her list aloud, and the other players cross out items which they share in common.

All participants must read their list. The one with the most unique list wins.

Have Fun Playing Camping Games for Adults, Rain or Shine

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A camping holiday is one of the best experiences you can share with friends. To make even better memories that will last a lifetime, don’t miss out on playing some of these fun camping games for adults!

The games mentioned above will surely give you something to laugh about when you get tired of grilling and drinking beers. Plus, you just might learn a thing or two about your friends along the way!

Have your own ideas on what is the best camping games for adults? We’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below!


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