How to Start a Campfire for Food, Friends, and Fun

A campfire is surrounded by people

Are you planning on taking a camping trip and do not know how to start a campfire? A campfire is the most important thing to have for a great camping trip and in the case of an emergency.

Did you know the Native Americans would start campfires by using a bow-drill? That's right, and it was not an easy task, but they got it done. Nowadays, we have a much easier way to learn how to start a campfire. You just need to know where to start.

What Is a Campfire?

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A campfire is a small fire built to cook small meals and sit around for a little heat. Campfires are very common while outdoors, and some even make them during the hotter months to keep the insects away. For the most part, campfires are done inside a small circled area in the great outdoors.

People also build campfires just to sit around and socialize. For example, they may sit around and play the best campfire games for adults or sing the best campfire songs.

Materials used for campfires

Campfires are made from three different things. The three things combined is called a fire triangle.

The one number thing is fuel, which can be wood, paper, steel wool, dryer lint, dryer sheets, and so much more.

Second, is oxygen, which, of course, is everywhere.

Lastly, is heat, which can be a match, light, or magnesium fire stick.

The Real Need for a Campfire

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The need for a campfire is real! In the northern states, this can help with the colder months. Down south it can help with the insect problem.

To heat food

Ohhh it's toasty

Let there be light

Things You Can Use to Start a Fire

Group of people are having fun chatting together with a campfire at the center of them

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There are many ways you can create your campfire. The traditional style is a teepee design or log cabin design.

The video below shows seven different ways to build a campfire. You do not have to be traditional anymore!

Check some of the ideas out:

How to Start a Campfire

You may have always thought knowing how to start a campfire was an art. To tell the truth, it is quite easy, and anyone can do it. Here are the basic steps to take when getting ready to start a campfire.


Putting it all together

Get that flame going


Magnesium stick

Extinguishing the campfire

Knowing How to Start a
Campfire While out In the Wilderness

People are having fun talking with each other while having a campfire at the center of them

Photo by Phil Coffman on Unsplash

So, now you know how to start a campfire easily. There are so many neat tricks to starting a fire and making it last all night. By learning how to start a campfire, you will be the center of attention when it is time to eat or simply get some warmth.

Now, that you know how to start a campfire, go enjoy the wilderness and remember to be kind to the local plants and animals.

How do you start a campfire? Please let us know in the comment section below.


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